Adult Ministries

Christian Women’s Fellowship

The Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) of Zionsville Christian Church was established in 1951.  Throughout 61 years of active service to the church and community, the CWF has spiritually and financially supported many areas of the congregation, as well as supporting the needs of others in the community and throughout the world.

The CWF has two groups that meet monthly to carry out projects and share in Bible study and reflection. 

Dorcas Circle: 1st Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM at the church in the Fellowship Hall.

Contact: Judy Griffiths,  

Ruth’s Circle: 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the church in the Fellowship Hall.

Contact: Marsha Webster,   

Christian Men’s Fellowship (CMF)

The Christian Men’s Fellowship exists to foster relationships and community among the men of ZCC.  Monthly breakfasts and other outings create opportunities for fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The CMF has also sponsored other activities in the church including a trip to the Indianapolis Indians game, cookouts and other destination trips around the state. Contact, Ron Wells,  

Lectionary Study Group,
9am in Room 202
(Larry Whinnery, Facilitator)
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This class is a study and discussion of the Lectionary scriptures. The "Lectionary" is a list of scripture readings for each Sunday of the year and is used by many Protestant and Catholic churches as the basis for worship readings and sermons. There are readings from OT, Ps., Gospels and Epistles and covers the entire Bible in a 3 year cycle. Our approach is a discussion of these readings on a practical level, i.e. "What does this scripture say to me about current events? How does it help my faith to grow? How does it help me live my life?" The readings for each week are available to participants so they can read them in advance and share in the discussion. One need not be a "Bible scholar" to participate, just someone interested in what the Bible says to me about life and faith in 2017. Hope to have you join us!

Engage Study
9am in Room 201

(Martha Farley, Facilitator)
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"Whole" by Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins
Martha is facilitating a book discussion during this first session. Our first book is "Whole, A Call to Unity in Our Fragmented World", by Sharon Watkins. In this book Watkins brings people together by articulating the direction we need to bring our faith into public life. Watkins believes it involves uniting around justice, mercy, and openness. What really matters “is the relationship with a living, loving God, a God who calls us to love each other, to create communities of care and equipping for wholeness, so that the love and hope we know through our relationship with Christ can truly be carried from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.” Join us as we discover how to do this together!


"Unpacking the Sermon",
11:10am in the Youth Room 302
(Jim Wilkinson, Facilitator)
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This class is a multi-generational class, open to all from teenagers to the Young at Heart. The class is a conversation about that days scripture and key points that we find in the sermon. We dig deep into the sermon and what we took away from it. It is a relaxed approach class that is held in the Youth Room.


"Practicing Presence"
11:10am in Room 201
(Rev. Tyler Thompson, Facilitator)
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Centering Prayer & Spiritual Disciplines
As Disciples, we are "doers." While we celebrate "doing," it should not come at the expense of "being." The scriptures encourage us to "Be still and know. “The purpose of this class is to practice being. We will engage in the ancient contemplative prayer practices.


Bible Geeks & Nerds,
11:10am in Room 202
(Leslie Gardner, Facilitator)
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We focus on studying the Bible both in terms of the intent of the original authors at the time it was written, how it has been interpreted through the centuries, and how it applies to our current situations. We try to separate out Christian lore from what is in the Bible. We supplement our studies with commentaries and historical background. Over the last six months, we have studied Pope Francis’ interpretation of scripture in his encyclical on the environment, the relationship of Native American spirituality to scripture and to the environment, and scriptures pertaining to angels and their interpretation. Over the next several weeks we will be studying encounters of various people in the Bible with angels, including Abraham, Hagar, Jacob, Moses, Gideon, Isaiah, Jesus, Peter, John, and Paul. We will be considering why God used angels to accomplish His purposes in these encounters instead of some other means and will compare these stories to stories where God used other means to accomplish something similar.


Parent Discussion Group: 

This group is on Facebook. To join, please contact Bart Archer,    


Friends and Fellowship (in Gathering Space)
(9am-10am and 11:10am-Noon)

Enjoy this time of fellowship where we get to know each other over coffee and refreshments


Wednesday Book Club: First Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM, Rm 202.

This small group discusses a variety of books. The 2015-2016 book list can be found in our Gathering Space at the church.

Contact Susie Johnson,


Thursday Bible Study:  Meets on Thursdays at 9:00 AM in Rm 201.

Study of various books of the Bible.  Contact Susie Johnson,